Sukhavata Retreats La Safor

Sukhavati means 'Land of Unalloyed Bliss'; it refers to the state of a world that is governed by compassion, loving-kindness and the wisdom that sees the interdependence of all life. Set in the unspoiled, idyllic landscape of El Raco Del Duc in the La Safor mountains, in rural Valencia, Sukhavati Retreats La Safor offers an opportunity to reconnect with that experience, recharge your spiritual batteries and join with kindred spirits in the vital work of healing ourselves and our wounded planet.

Sukhavati offers retreats and workshops based on Tibetan Buddhism, yoga, massage, calligraphy, mindfulness, creative writing, Personal Development, Permaculture, Wool spinning, Batik, Spiritual Activism, and many other ways to connect with our higher being and the natural world. We have links with a number of leading organisations in spiritual and ecological education, including: Schumacher College and the Schumacher Institute; FPMT (a Buddhist organisation in the tradition of HH the Dalai Lama); the Pachamama Alliance (known in UK as Be The Change); Permaculture UK; Centre for Alternative Technology; and others.

Retreats are held at Casa de la Finestra, El Raco Del Duc, Valencia, in Spain. Set in the river Serpis gorge on the 'Via Verde' in this beautiful off grid, eco and wheelchair-friendly mountain Finca with a delightful garden where you will find lemons, figs, pomegranates, avocados and Aloe Vera, to name a few. Delicious, mostly home-grown, organic food and home made bread is a special feature (host, Trixie Rosanna Taylor, is a former vegetarian/vegan chef and nutritionist).
We will be hosting regular musical evenings with local and visiting musicians- our newly acquired piano taking centre stage!!!

This spacious house with stunning views comfortably welcomes up to 10 participants, creating an intimate, supportive atmosphere where deep and lasting friendships are often formed. Small groups make for an intense and rewarding learning experience and here there are lots of private spaces to hideaway.

If you want to run or take part in a course here please contact Trixie only on WhatsApp    +34 605 119 557
The special energy of Casa de La Finestra will draw you back again and again...

Sukhavati retreats page in facebook

Here you can listen a daily meditation audio

We now have seven mountain bikes for your use when you stay here.



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